Huntington National Bank engaged TENFOLD to brand their newest facility, leveraging the massive scale of the 212,000 square foot building to tell their unique brand and culture story to 1400+ associates.  

A feature fixture celebrating the company’s Welcome message hangs from the ceiling with over 3400 Huntington pens as the ‘crystals’ of this unique chandelier.  The pens hanging from ball chains symbolize the company’s decision years ago to give away their pens instead of tethering them to a table - representing the open and valued relationship they build with their customers.  Their culture mantra, ‘We do the right thing. We look out for people,’ is reflected in a large scale branding wall that incorporates imagery of hundreds of colleagues. A wall stating, ‘Building better lives with stronger communities’ is punctuated with Pelotonia bicycles, a major charitable initiative for Huntington.  Each section of the floor plate is designated into neighborhoods represented through beautiful maps and black and white photography of specific landmarks.  All six neighborhoods represented in the space reflect areas of urban renewal and revitalization in Columbus of which Huntington has dedicated significant investments and loan allocation.