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Rachel Friedman


For nearly 30 years, Rachel's professional career has been dedicated to helping clients align their business strategy with workplace design.

Rachel brings a unique expertise to the TENFOLD team, combining her passion and diverse education, including a BFA in Design and an MBA in Strategy.


janie weisman • culture practice lead

For over 15 years of her professional career, Janie’s work experience has afforded her the opportunity to work in and on brand and culture across a broad spectrum of industries. Her experiences have reinforced her conviction that culture really does eat strategy for breakfast as she watched great value propositions of organizations struggle due to poor culture, and others thrive thanks to great culture. Janie's passion is fueled by the moments when clients are able to finally describe the magic in their culture and their brand and, in turn, successfully execute their business strategy.


ben clos • account director

With a background in storytelling combined with an appetite for great design, Ben is a brand enthusiast and strategic thinker. He joins the TENFOLD team with agency experience in digital advertising, public relations, and account management. As Account Director, Ben proactively identifies client needs and opportunities. He works to strengthen and reinforce the vision of our clients through effective communication among our respective teams. Ben coordinates and choreographs the client experience making sure that all the details are covered, while making it fun too.


carli galat • designer

Carli graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning with a degree in Interior Design. Carli brings her interior design background to the team providing integral insight to the spatial and architectural perspective of our branding work. Her background in retail and hospitality design is the perfect fit for our evolving client needs in the workplace. She has a strong commitment to using her creative voice to bring about positive social change. Carli fuels her creativity after hours as a yoga instructor and artist.



An idea is never too complex or too big with Casi on the team. Casi leverages her education and expertise in industrial design to make our craziest dimensional designs come to life. A lifelong learner and knowledgable about most everything, Casi has built on her education graduating as an Outstanding Senior from The Columbus College of Art and Design to grow as a talented environmental branding designer in all design disciplines including graphic, interior and industrial. Casi is passionate about how her designs encourage people to interact with the world around them.



Daren joins the TENFOLD team with over 20 years of agency design experience. He has built his branding career across multi-channel communications including print, digital, packaging, interactive and environmental. Combining all of his experience, Daren is always thinking of the entire picture and all communication touch points. With keen attention to detail from his passionate DIY mentality, Daren brings a true hands on approach to our work.



Heather joins TENFOLD with over 10 years of experience managing complex client engagements. As Director of Operations, she is passionate about helping each member of the TENFOLD team to be successful and work to his or her full potential. She believes that it is important to clear out the clutter to make space for the creative process to lead the way. Heather combines her MBA and PMP certification to architect the best processes and tools for our growth. Heather enables our team to work well and do great work.


jennifer Fredritz • director, creative strategy

As Director of Creative Strategy, Jennifer brings her diverse background in visual communication, retail design and branding to the workplace experience. Jennifer has a passion for inspiring people and creating meaningful experiences for them. As a creative strategist, her approach starts with why. With an insatiable curiosity and a passion for clarity, strategic storylines and ownable, big ideas emerge. Through her dedication to mentoring and collaboration, Jennifer works with our team, inspiring them to do their best creative work.



Jenny Cairns is the calm in the storm. As assistant to the CEO, Jenny keeps things moving by helping allocate Rachel's time and focus. Jenny is a master of multi-tasking and provides helpful assistance to our internal team and clients for any need…and always with a smile.



Meg comes to Tenfold bringing her 18 years of award-winning talent as both a strategic thinker and conceptual designer. She is drawn to the sensory experiences that unfold through creating authentic and compelling brand-right environments. Her passion for connecting people through brand, culture, and space is fueled as much by her fascination with the psychology around how we live and work, as it is by the aesthetic beauty of our surroundings. She enjoys the challenge of being able to distill complex ideas into a simple visual language that communicates exactly what it needs to.



Service with a smile (and a laugh) is a phrase that comes to mind when working with Stacy. She is passionate about delighting the client and fostering long term relationships. In her role, Stacy works to execute projects flawlessly, getting the job done on time and on budget...while insuring that the designs from the magical minds of the team are held sacred. Her excitement and positive energy for creating meaningful solutions is contagious.



Steven joins the TENFOLD team with a degree in film. Steven brings a unique perspective to our design discipline…one of digital movement and motion. Steven is an artist with the computer as his canvas creating beautiful digital experiences for our clients.

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Tami provides TENFOLD more than 18 years of brand agency experience working in print and digital advertising, but has a natural understanding of how good design can translate a brand across all mediums. Tami is a prolific design concept creator — developing numerous, unique, and powerful options for our clients.


“What makes TENFOLD so special is we have a gift to see what’s special and unique about others – the things they can’t even see in themselves.”

– rachel friedman, founder + ceo