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Digital Display technology from TENFOLD 

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Meaningful connection is the linchpin of an organization’s ability to create an engaged culture.

The TENFOLD Looking Glass solution leverages digital display and content strategy to give organizations the power to harness their communication rhythms and mobilize messaging to inform, educate and inspire.

Bringing life, texture, and awe-inspiring scale to a space, The Looking Glass provides a window to the soul of an organization and empowers leaders with the opportunity to authentically create a connected work experience.

The Solution


Placement + Scale

Leveraging your current floor plan and understanding your cultural goals, TENFOLD will strategically identify areas for placement and proper scale for optimal visibility and interactivity.


Technology + Install

TENFOLD evaluates and engages with the leading experts in digital display technology solutions to offer an all-inclusive solution. With ultra-simple functionality, The Looking Glass features hardware, software, installation and routine service.

Content Strategy + creation

Setting you up for success from day one, TENFOLD draws from research and insights from our culture practice and designs a customized content strategy that resonates with viewers and results in increased engagement.

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