A successful culture propels organizations to achieve greatness and is a source of competitive advantage, while a misaligned or dysfunctional culture can derail even the best business strategy.

TENFOLD has spent years developing a method to define and articulate culture…that elusive, hard to describe, yet very real, force within an organization. Through our proprietary research and development methodology, we are able to define and articulate existing culture, as well as, identify an aspirational culture.  In addition to creating the culture narrative, we design actionable strategies to reinforce or transform culture depending on the needs and objectives of our clients.


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Read our White Paper on Empowerment Culture: why it’s hard to cultivate, and what to think about on your journey to empowerment.


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janie weisman, culture practice lead

For over 15 years of her professional career, Janie’s work experience has afforded her the opportunity to work in and on brand and culture across a broad spectrum of industries. Her experiences have reinforced her conviction that culture really does eat strategy for breakfast as she watched great value propositions of organizations struggle due to poor culture, and others thrive thanks to great culture. Janie's passion is fueled by the moments when clients are able to finally describe the magic in their culture and their brand and, in turn, successfully execute their business strategy.