It all starts here at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

Driven by the members they serve, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce advances a thriving Central Ohio community by supporting small and mid-sized businesses. At the Columbus Chamber a step off of an elevator can mean a bold step for a new business. A walk down a hall can bring that business owner closer to the fulfillment of a dream. We were delighted to work with the Columbus Chamber to bring their passion for Columbus business to life in their space. Visitors are guided into the office by a large positioning identity and a massive vintage map of downtown Columbus, overlaid with the bold statement “IT ALL STARTS HERE”.

We highlight the Chamber’s rich history and ambitious eye to the future through the message of “Moving Columbus Forward - Since 1884" while keeping our eye on the present with an ever-increasing real time count of Columbus Chamber members. The vast network of diverse connections the Columbus Chamber brings to life is represented in a web-like dimensional piece that helps explain the strategic value of the Columbus Chamber to the uninitiated. Moving through the space visiting members will be able to meet the people who champion them everyday through a wall that shines the spotlight on team members. Finally, we end on a message of trust, something the Columbus Chamber strives everyday to earn.