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Our first Brand Up engagement was for a bright, energetic, and passionate woman, Kaylee Schanz.  Kaylee’s love for the beauty of flowers and the simple pleasure that they bring to people, has inspired her to start her own subscription floral business…Florish!  Subscribe to Happiness is her tag line and there is not doubt that with her talent and commitment, coupled with a great brand and business model, FLORISH will bloom!  We can’t wait to see her business grow.  We are also proud to be her first corporate client!    

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At TENFOLD, we embrace and are inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship.  We have established an initiative to help fledgling companies be more and do more with a brand that helps them soar.  Brand Up is a non profit program at TENFOLD that is dedicated to helping new business owners by designing their brand as a gift in kind.  This charitable endeavor brings our team so much joy.  There is nothing like seeing a new business owner experience their brand come to life for the first time.  Our only request of Brand Up clients is that they make a promise to pay it forward in some way and at some time in the future to another budding entrepreneur. 


We recently finished our second Brand Up and are well on the way to our third, and fourth! Our most recent engagement was with Chris Webb of the newly created company Division 23.  D23 provides building products and services that address seismic and vibration isolation code requirements in commercial construction.  The name, Division23, was inspired by the name of the section in architectural drawings that specify these requirements for projects.  It is also inspired by Chris’s father, Ned Webb, a Phd chemist, who had a hobby of racing stock cars with the number 23!  

Next up for Brand Up…Women In Digital. Coming soon!" 

If interested in applying for a Brand Up engagement with TENFOLD, please send your information to  We have one Brand Up project open at TENFOLD at all times.  We look forward to continuing to make a difference in our community with our talents.